Sunday, October 09, 2011

2.159 : 10/9/05 : Working Backwards

We’re all working backwards
foolish mortals see time
just one way
remember it from back to front
ambition goes the other way
Maybe birth’s the destination
death the origin
Maybe confusion is the root of all evil
the staff of life the spring of sin
I’m working back from somewhere
in the middle of where it went off track
Can’t bear to think of the future
How could I end up still off track
I can’t see into the future
I cannot confirm the past
see but dimly in the present
All I see is the sand running fast
Slipping through my fingers swiftly
none can stop it none forestall
and if I could where would I be then
without time there’d be nothing at all
time is an illusion some say
lunchtime doubly so
but there is one who needs me timely
So I really have to go

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