Monday, May 16, 2011

2.11 : 5/14/05 : On Demand

Can you kick this beat out on demand
will you scream and shout until they understand?
can you make your point the sharpest
outplay the celestial harpist?
If you’re serious I’ll surely lend a hand
Can you get down to the lowest denominator
can you groove the slowest sort of see you later?
If you’re shaking with the spirit
when the trumpet wails you’ll hear it
so then step up to the cosmic escalator
Will you write this one down in your heart
will you tear it up really tear it apart?
If you’re a bright enough cat
If you can swing a tough bat
The whole ascent will be apparent from the start
Is the answer to the riddle written on the back of your eyelids?
If you’re paid to play the fiddle for the King of the High Kids
Not a piper nor a devil
Still you’re featured in the revel
Representing all us mythic archetype hybrids
But if you can play it straight up on demand
And you stand up for the photo with the band
we’ve a place right center stage
we’ll make the ripple raise a rage
And tear the stops out from here to the promised land

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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