Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Lepton Lyrics 13: Wings and Seeds and Flight

Look up, look up now
Define silence this moment
winged seeds in flight

a craft set sailing
on the old tide of the wind
with wings fixed for flight

silent breeze trailing
from there where all things begin
this seed set alight

look up, look up then
and ask after this riddle
ask of they that fly

who writes the message
that you carry on the wind
from what book what page

oldest messenger
tree sings its ancient refrain
runes read in the earth

stark shadow on white
fleeting in a cold fall sky
moment out of time

see only traces
no one can read its message
only dancing light

a crystal spiral
ever decreasing circle
seed flies only once

this brilliant cycle
authored by the lonely wind
the old song plays on

Ask the seed ask why
it knows not what it falls, falls
follows destiny

Ask where the seed goes
it only holds the message
follows gravity

are you searching, child
for some eternal answer
in a seed in flight

why, yes you ask why
you see there is no answer
that the mind can find

only what will come
when the mind is silent, calm
an unspoken truth

the seed is just seed
there is no special meaning
things are what they seem

so each seed must fall
fall and perish in the ground
fall and rise again

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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