Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2.28 : 5/31/05 : Burn

2,118 : 13 ?

All the dirty sonsabitches gonna hafta burn
All the violent sonsabitches gonna hafta burn
all the vile sonsabitches gonna hafta burn
any body hurt a child gonna hafta burn
any bastard rape a body gonna hafta burn
any man who kill his fellow gonna hafta burn
all the people looked away from it they hafta burn
anyone forsake their children gonna hafta burn
any leader cheats his people gonna hafta burn
any teacher harms his charges gonna hafta burn
any priest who leads his flock astray he hafta burn
any warden kills his prisoner he hafta burn
all the prophets called for genocide they had to burn
all the kings who sought their own glory they had to burn
every commoner who went along they had to burn
every bureaucrat behind the scenes they had to burn
every general who let them die they had to burn
every father mother let them go they had to burn
every fool like me who knows the score
we have to burn
and if you get left still wanting more
you have to burn

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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