Friday, September 02, 2011

2.122 : 9/2/05 : Ranting

The liar got me worked up to a ranting froth
he is such a flame a flame
and I am such a moth
Some are in this world
they press our buttons like an organ
it’s a shame they’re in the pockets
of the likes of J.P. Morgan
It’s a shame despite the system
power will get concentrated
they consolidate their victories
while we quite useless hated
they construct a web of fiction
they concoct a myth of sides
and written in the fine print
they’ll extract it from our hides
And there’s no such thing as Robin Hood
just evil men who kill
there’s no such thing as Santa Claus
And what’s more bitter still
There’s no such thing as the people
We sold that dream out long ago
And despite my ranting fury seems
we’re merely reaping what we sow

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