Wednesday, September 07, 2011

2.127 : 9/7/05 : Magic Wand

I don’t have to do anything
I’m waiting for my magic wand
I don’t have to listen to reason
and I don’t have to respond
I don’t need to have ambition
I don’t need to have plans
I’ll just wait until my magic
wand is in my hands
I can just see it
shining long and thin
I’ll wave it over all my problems
After that I’ll wave it again
I’ll erase the imperfect
raise the perfect in its place
And if you raise objections
I will wave it right up in your face
I don’t even need to think
What I’ll really do when I get it
If I ever bother to have an inkling
I do my best to forget it
why listen to the promptings
of my sad imperfect brain
I trust that when I get my wand
the whole thing will be plain

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