Friday, September 09, 2011

2.129 : 9/9/05 : Opportunity

Opportunity knocks constantly
that just once line is only advertising, see
false scarcity to drive the price up
the common theme that runs in every story
just how inevitable all the glory
is that fills my ever half full cup
There is one thing that happens only once
it’s called eventuality and any dunce
can tell you that history never repeats
this moment will never ever return
this fire once lit cannot unburn
doesn’t matter if you jump up or stay in your seats
So what’s the use then of regret
everything you choose to have you’re gonna get
everything’s available it’s for the asking
and if you don’t believe that then I guess you’re right
but you might go ahead and try again tonight
you’ll find me up there in my soul light basking

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