Friday, September 23, 2011

2.143 : 9/23/05 : Streak

Is it the beginning of the end
or the start of a mean streak
a mile wide a mile deep
a mile above sea at its peak
if the streak is true to form
it will begin without a sound
and terminate far past regret
a thousand miles underground
I cranked up every faucet spout
I let the holy water flow
to swift evoke the baptism
of all of it flowing where I don’t know
I’ll surf the streak up on my plank
I’ll ride the rim and see the sights
and in my mind compose a poem
of failed resolve of endless nights
I prayed for just one last small taste
though I knew it was over and done
yet that was in the future still
this day I was still having fun
this day I kept my eyes tight shut
Ignored each obvious deceit
ignored the streak was yawning wide
prepared my little plans to eat

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