Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2.141 : 9/21/05 : Thistledown

A rising tower of spikes
razor spurs and clustered pikes
If you say there’s nothing new under the sun
I propose you haven’t looked at this one
built of C and N and O
And hydrogen of course you know
A little sulfur phosphor manganese
little girls and boys are also made of these
and following a trace unknown
under the spikes a bud has grown
explodes into a purple fist
that opens to reveal a sweet kiss
for a flatly higher being
who carries for this green spiked thing
the stuff of life the vital spore
revealing in royal depths much more
while flowers whither on the vine
It could be your backyard or mine
the fist uncurls once more to show
a special kind of summer snow
a legion parachuting minions
launches thistledown on gossamer pinions

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