Sunday, March 03, 2013

2.669 : 3/3/07 : Maybe Real

Maybe real answers don’t come in words
Maybe evil exists merely to thin the herds
Maybe truly nobody is minding the store
I had a thousand answers I still wanted more
I’m stuck with my experience for what it’s worth
Whether I’m rooted to the spot or roam the earth
God said to the devil where you been at cat
Said up and down and back and forth how about that
nobody asks to be made an example
by nature’s light you’re just another sample
thrown into the cauldron of idiot chance
never a dull moment now dance boy dance
Maybe words aren’t much but it’s what I’ve got
Such a short stick to stir the melting pot
Maybe it’s time to just let it all go
wash out with the tides
let the words sink below

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