Sunday, March 10, 2013

2.676 : 3/10/07 : Vanguard

The velvet invasion will be
dull as dirt
get a little more stingy
watch the man lose his shirt
it’d be a shame to waste all that
concept of capital
why not sweep in with the vanguard
why not have it all
I’ve dreamed my perfect revolution
in a thousand subtle turnings
while I piled up more IOUs
and the ministry of love
docked my earnings
but hell us early adopters
always gotta pay the vanguard tax
sometimes get a fat IPO back
sometimes get stuck with the betamax
I couldn’t even tell you
if I really believe any of it now
it seems just too convenient
it could be both a cash and a sacred cow
I wonder what will really happen
when your great object meets our blunt force tip
I guess we’ll find out by and by
how paradox impacts our vanguard trip

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