Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2.679 : 3/13/07 : Stumbling Block

Don’t have much expectation of
a real fair shake
And having grown inured to
all the liberties you take
but even I in all my bitter
skeptic’s garb am shocked
to see that only you can
be held liable for my stumbling block
I guess I’m crazy to expect
because I ought that then you will
and now to mention it was you
who quipped thou shalt not kill
And I’ve heard all the arguments
exotic dumb and stock
And me I just look stupid
sitting puzzling over my stumbling block
Imagine I’ll get past it
someday after the harm’s all done
since I refuse to choose attack
or bow to the way of the gun
my stumbling blocks may become
steps that get me over the wall
But I must carry them so far
to someplace I can’t see at all

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