Thursday, March 07, 2013

2.673 : 3/7/07 : It

This could be it nobody knows
nobody knows
the bus the bomb the asteroid
everything eventually blows
and this was not supposed to be
another inquiry on elegy
that record’s in the can already
Was this meant to inspire
some change some catching fire
and why do you inquire
I can’t escape this serpent turning in
the thoughts white hot keep burning in
what if I’ve tapped the best of it
and now it’s just the rest of it
every cool trip’s been speculated
by a wilder mind than mine contemplated
and I’m not even a real genius very
dubious to call myself a visionary
I’ll pretend I’m caught up
there’s no real chance
Always five steps
behind the dance
And if I succumb
to circumstance
will you spare me a dime
sometimes a glance?

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