Tuesday, March 05, 2013

2.671 : 3/5/07 : Spines

2,861 : 0 ?

We see the dragon appear in the field
it looks like a good day to meet the great man
Whatever nonsense I elect to wield
I’ll just knock it out as fast as I can
There comes a point nothing old will work
and the new seems to be bad delayed
and me I’m just sounding like such an odd jerk
and the law remains to be obeyed
suddenly tired of the dire witching hour
and seeking the neon rat maze
I’ll cut things short try to conserve my power
God knows just how many more days
I’ll be called to persist in my odd little trip
generating my ellipsis and lines
parenthetical babble and all I let slip
as I try to bequeath you all spines

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