Monday, January 05, 2009

356 : 4/1/99 : When the Pump Shut Down

1,345 : 6 ?

Oh when the big pump shut down
no one could get any water at all
We had to dig so deep by the time the pump shut down
So deep that it was way too far to haul
I guess we should have thought of that
I guess we really should have known
I guess we really should have though about the big pump
I guess we really shoulda thought a little further
than we coulda thrown a stone
Well it’s all drying up now
And I’m so thirsty I could cry
Ah my baby left me she heard there was water up North
I was too thirsty to get up so she left me here to die
Oh but before I dry up and blow away
On that hot wind that blows now all the time
I’m gonna take my last shot at setting you straight
I’m gonna tell you off cause it’s my dime
Sir every living thing needs water
And every one of us is a living thing
And every one of our poor old pumps will shut down some day
But without water it could be sooner than you think
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