Tuesday, January 27, 2009

368 : 4/13/99 : Sundeath Inc. (The Inertia Machine 2/36)

A partial record survives of the Sundeath
Corporation. Having perfected a method
of accelerating stars to nova and
subsequent collapse to singularity,
the privately held Sundeath Exploration Group
was faced with the hurdle of
marketing this remarkable service.
As the first prototype projectiles were
entering simulated environment testing,
the Sundeath engineers were
envisioning vast arrays of storage batteries
set thousands of millions of miles from the
targeted sun. Mile wide solar sails would serve
to propel the batteries toward the engineers’
home planet while simultaneously collecting
the massive radiant energy produced by
the nova. In a few thousand years
the batteries would arrive by the millions,
ready to form the power infrastructure
for a massive orbital factory. Unfortunately
for the Sundeath engineers, these
ideas were still merely notions when
the recently incorporated Sundeath
discovered another relevant fact about
emerging technologies on
entirely new scales: Industrial
accidents also occurred on similar
orders of magnitude.

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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