Sunday, January 18, 2009

364 : 4/9/99 : Apollyon

Apollyon, Apollyon are you getting lazy
we’re so good at screwing things up ourselves now
I read about you in the book of Revelations
But it seems we have decided to pull our own wrathful plow
Apollyon Apollyon is your time at hand
Are you coming soon to finish what we started
will the righteous be lifted from the conflagration
Before the heavens fall and seas are parted
Doesn’t it seem like it has already happened
Like those days are dead and long gone
Doesn’t it make you kind of wish for the old days
Doesn’t it make you wish Apollyon
Did things go the way you thought
Is this all running by the plan
Are these the cities of heaven
is this the inheritance of man
Apollyon you’ve got the answers
You have seen in from both sides
You know how the dice roll up there
You know where the truth abides
Whisper in my ear and tell me
If this one may be the last
I just want a chance to wrap up
Just a few loose ends in my past

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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