Friday, January 09, 2009

360 : 4/5/99 : Lucky Number 13

What’s that sound I’m hearing
A train is coming ‘round the bend
And soon old number thirteen will be appearing
that’s my lucky number friend
When that train comes rolling in
I’ll know I’m on my path again
Oh lucky number 13
Well I guess I’m really fortune’s fool
Waiting for fate to tap me on the shoulder
I should have tended to my lessons in school
I should have known every year I’d be another year older
And when Fate taps me on the shoulder the last time
Who knows if there’ll be any reason or rhyme
To the tracks I traveled on
Oh lucky number 13
Well if you miss the train I’m on
There’s no need to carry on
‘cause the whole thing just comes looping back
a toy train on a cheap toy track
Make no mistake I’m coming ‘round
Next time old thirteen passes through
I roll along then go to ground
It’s strange what I get paid to do
Well I guess I just gotta roll with the machine
Well I guess I just gotta roll with my lucky thirteen

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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