Sunday, July 03, 2011

2.59 : 7/1/05 : Has the New Leaf Already Withered

Has the new leaf already withered on the vine?
How we smoked and argued
How we drank that wine
if the new leaf falls winter will be so long
And we’ll have to be content with the old song
The tides circle the planet
the jet stream stirs the air
and the answer to the summons
Could be hidden anywhere
The wind rattles the branches
And you rattle my cage
mocking me for declaring a brand new age
Are the dog days going to wither every leaf
time creeps like a mantis
steals past like a thief
If the new age dawns and passes without note
we’ll be reduced to verse we learned by rote
The dogs bark as we pass the court
the cats howl every night
the rooster crows all morning for the coming of the light
the new age isn’t living up
it’s just the same old thing
we may just have to wait and see
what the next age and leaf might bring

What is the song of the day?
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