Thursday, July 07, 2011

2.65 : 7/7/05 : Song of Triumph

My triumph is crawling across the floor
My triumph appeared the third time I walked through the door
My triumph is an ascending shining star
Bound to fall but first that fucker will fly far
Song of triumph trumpets from the heights
dating from the day I finally sought by my own lights
roaring like a rocket ship singing like a lark
born at the very moment I first fanned that single spark
The world is corrupted; it’s ruled by sudden death
every day might be the last I’m privileged to draw breath
all I love will be lost to me I know by and by
in the fracture of my consciousness, the fading of my eye
so just where do I find the stones to sign a triumph song
in the breaking of the endless night I waited out so long
in the Naming of eternal day the moment never ending
that I saw the moment I know it was my attention I was spending
so the last verse must be writ though song it never stops
just wait another minute till the next beat drops
my triumph is inviolable forged in perfect flame
reveals the perfect white stone with my perfect secret name

What is the song of the day?
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