Friday, July 08, 2011

2.66 : 7/8/05 : Step

While they lingered, while they slept
I carried the thing forward another step
while they reveled, while they sang
I stacked the balance of loss and gain
while they mumbled and averred
I reaped the shrunken carcass of a dream deferred
plans keep changing, boundaries cross
I keep keeping on in face of doom and loss
while you waited, patiently
as I seemed to drift along complacently
I was working, every day
writing my invisible soliloquy
while we all pursue the ring
of brass in the nose of the golden king
we must wonder, we must fear
nobody has ever gotten out of here
Nobody has ever gotten out alive
There’s nothing less permanent than to survive
There’s nothing more transient than this flower’s bloom
born to fade forever in the waiting room
while they danced their nights away
I went to a lonely lonely place to pray
without water, without food
without a map, a compass or an anodyne to fix my mood
And it was perfect, full, complete
I saw the devil place the world beneath my feet
And invite me to cast myself from on high
I said I hate to tell you Scratch, but you grabbed the wrong guy

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