Saturday, July 16, 2011

2.74 : 7/16/05 : Tomorrow Never Comes Again

What is not can never be
Or so said good Parmenides
So thinking of another day’s
Like thinking of a shifting haze
Now’s the only check you have to cash
Yesterday is in the trash
And while you calculate your plans
Tomorrow never comes, again

It’s easy to be tricked by it
Seems never to have started and it never quits
Yet just when you think you’ve found the middle
You find it all was wrapped around another riddle
Yet if you burned the midnight oil
you’d find for just one moment on the mortal coil
you rock eternal breath to breath and then
Tomorrow never comes again

And if you choose poised on the peak
To act before you think to act before you speak
to lay down one sweet act of will
you might detect a small still thrill
The message simply comes down to
That at this moment I chose to do
the work that today comes to my hand
because tomorrow never comes, again

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