Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2.77 : 7/19/05 : Planet X (Hour of Power 3/12)

2,167 : 25 ?

Fools and madwomen
told so many crazy
stories about the
traveling star
that nobody believed at all
until it popped up on the radar
it seemed it was a dark sphere
a hunk of rock
strangely prone to tectonic shock
when the solar system loomed
the crack appeared
and emitted a glow
then things got weird
and all those devices you see everywhere
piled up useless used to talk through the air
they say, anyway
they say they all just quit
When planet X did its
erratic circuit
that they say really tipped the scale
that’s when they finally saw
the hole in the pail
Too late too late the juice all poured out
while they fought and argued
what to do about it

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