Saturday, July 23, 2011

2.79 : 7/21/05 : Sundog (Hour of Power 5/12)

Before the big cold
they say
there came a great heat
The sun dog bayed
every morning on the street
They even made some gadgets
ran on the sun
and if you believe my story
indeed I found one
I even dared to turn it on
high in the ‘rises when the sun is high
It opened up a window onto an unreal sky
that led me through the chambers
of magical scripture
Then took me to another mirror
a sort of moving picture
and that fellow in the picture
said that he was much like me
the picture just a light show
made by what he called the circuitry
And he told me many things
and those things were very strange
Then he said he had to go
The satellite was going out of range

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