Thursday, July 28, 2011

2.85 : 7/27/05 : Over the Bridge (Hour of Power 11/12)

I wrote as over the bridge I tooled
going to the Man’s domain
Getting myself schooled
It’s possible the lesson wasn’t getting through
Cause I was thrilled when I figured out
My job was you
You can never cross some bridges twice
It’s a one way trip to paradise
It’s crazy to feel this way I tell you it is
I’m so glad I came back across
on the land bridge
The detours I made to meet the
other half of you
the strange long way around
we rarely know what we do
So try each day
not to be quick to judge
cause in this world we all
got a factor to fudge
As long as you keep between the lines
the bridge will hold us up
just fine

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