Friday, July 15, 2011

2.73 : 7/15/05 : Two Kinds

There are just two kinds of people in this world
and most of us are both
are you a glutton or a miser?
Are you a fop or an oaf?
Are you a singer or a dancer?
Are you a duckling or a swan?
Do you want what you never ever had?
Or always what you once had
long after it’s gone?

Are you a barker or a mark?
Are you a hammer or a screw?
Do you always do what you said you wouldn’t?
Or always do what you said you’d do?
Are you a gambler or a counter?
Are you a cheater or a loser?
Are you a ducker or a dodger?
Did you miss opportunity or did you refuse her?

Are you going or coming?
Do you stumble blind or stop?
If I hold my heart out to you
will you scream or call a cop?
Are you a hawk or a pigeon
Are you cold or are you hot?
Don’t be both you’ll end up lukewarm
spit right back into the pot

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