Sunday, July 03, 2011

2.60 : 7/2/05 : Yet Another New Day

Yet another new day dawns
dawnless black eight past midnight
The tale unreels
Must not must not forget the fight
Must not
let these bright notes fade and die
resolve is just a bit of fuel
it’s no use if the sparks don’t fly
today they fly I’m here
still fighting still alive
shake off the forgotten song
this not near so fine just one of five
One for the one
the only the first last ever
two for the rival
and the bonds they sever
three for the little lads
clad white made of light
four for the gospel kings
the tale carried through endless nights
five symbols these are mine
the vow I took and drank the wine
oh for scotch neat and sour
a little liquid courage to face this hour
nonetheless the story new started
I’ll not leave this brokenhearted
rather with a song on my lips
of wax, and lathe, and sailing ships

What is the song of the day?
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