Monday, July 11, 2011

2.69 : 7/11/05 : Serious

2,160 : 18 ?

Let’s destroy the serious
What’s it ever gotten us?
What’s it ever done for us?
Taking everything so serious
Let’s destroy the obvious
The ashes and the ashes and the dust and the dust
First will be last and last will be first
But from first to last consumed with thirst
Let’s delete the old clichés
the status quo, the everydays
Start a new pattern from whole cloth
no more to embrace the old flames and moth
It starts with a single word
that you’d read but never heard
it ends with another night
of innocence and sweet delight
thus and how you know the one
whose brave approach has just begun
scorning ladder path or door
scorn all but excelsior
and if a few miles down the road
it seems in fact a heavier load
discarding makes the burden light
the easy yoke will lead you right

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